Wellies Are A Must At The Farmhouse

My Huntress wellies are a must have on my city farm. You can tell they've seen a lot of wear but there's not a hole in them. You can purchase them here: www.hunterboots.com
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Ah, we are twins--but I just put a hole in my right boot this summer with a pitchfork, damn it! I was SO mad, but I'll keep wearing them when the terrain is dry. Four years and they're wearing well:)
Jen said…
I think your wellies look a little better than mine. I really don't wear them except in the spring when the garden is extra muddy. The rest of the year, it's a pair of rubber Birkenstock clogs. Same green color. You were my inspiration for posting them. Thanks.
LOVE your wellies. I have an imitation pair but I SO want the real thing!!
Thanks for visiting me.....love your blog.
Jen said…
I have to make a small confession...I bought the wellies at a yard sale for $2. They were in really good shape and I could never justify paying $100 for a pair of rubber boots to muck about in the garden.

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