The First Week Of No Junk Food

Well, I made it through my first week back on Weight Watchers. It was actually pretty easy. I just had to plan different snack foods to take to work. I stocked my locker with Tootsie Pops (1 point), sugar-free jello and pretzels. The big hit with my co-workers was the "faux" ice cream sandwich. Easy to make and everyone (even the sceptics) loved them. Take a chocolate graham cracker and put fat-free cool whip on it. Place another graham cracker on top and freeze. They really are delicious and just enough to get rid of a killer craving. Of course, we had one smart ass that claimed they would be even better with chocolate sauce and sprinkles, etc. You get the picture.

I'm already seeing results. I have not been on the scale but my clothes are already fitting better. That gives me motivation because I have closets full of clothes that I can't fit into right now.

This vegetable soup recipe is a must for anyone trying to lose some weight. Low in fat, full of fiber and delicious. It's helped me, many a time, when I was out of points or trying to eat a low point lunch in order to go out for dinner later.

I keep some in the freezer in small containers for a quick, healthy lunch. Hope you enjoy.

Veggie Soup
1 bag of frozen vegetable soup starter (any brand will do or you can use fresh veggies)
1 can diced tomato with the juice
1 can beef, chicken, or vegetable broth
water to cover

Simmer on the stove until veggies are cooked through and soup is hot. Serve w/ low-fat crackers. Great accompaniment to Salads and Sandwiches

You can give the soup different flavors with different spices. I like it with Italian spices and a little garlic or sometimes I'll add cumin, instead of Italian spices, for a more southwestern flavor. It's a versatile soup so experiment with it.


Sara Hodsden said…
Hey, Jen! James and I are both doing WW, have been since March. Together we have lost over 100 pounds. Of course, the bulk of that is his weight, as men always lose more quickly. One of the cookbooks I've been into is one called "Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World." Awesome recipes.
Jen said…
Try the Zucchini Fries. They are awesome and came from the Weight Watcher website.

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