Three Books Per Week

This weeks Three Books are:

1. Tender At The Bone by Ruth Reichl ISBN 0-679-44987-6

If you have never read her books, I suggest that you start with this one, followed by Comfort Me With Apples then Garlic and Sapphires. I love these books. Ruth Reichl is completely open about her life with no pretensions. She is who she is - wonderful.

2. Appetite for Life- The Biography of Julia Child by Noel Riley Fitch ISBN 0-385-48225-x

This book just makes for great reading. Julia lived a fascinating life surrounded by fascinating people. It's no wonder we love her.

3. The Soul Of A Chef by Michael Ruhlman ISBN 0-14-100189-s

A few weeks ago, everywhere I went, there was Ruhlman. It was bizarre. I would talk with someone and they would mention Ruhlman. Received an email from someone, went to their website and there was a picture of this person with, who else, Ruhlman. I got a DVD of No Reservations with Tony Bourdain and who was on it? You guessed it, Ruhlman. I figured it was a sign. Now, I'm reading Ruhlman's books and his blog is one that I read frequently. You would think that we would have met since my husband believes everyone in Ohio knows everyone or that we are all related. I have not, yet, had the pleasure. Maybe, I'll get to meet or ,at least, glimpse him at the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland.


fearlesschef said…
I LOVED that book on Julia Child! It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! And SO inspiring!

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