Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

Do you ever have those days (in my case, weeks) when everything seems to go wrong? Well that has been my life for the past week.
Exactly one week ago, I went to start my car and ____________ nothing. It's dead but not something easy like a battery. No of course, it's more complicated and expensive.To top it off, the part that I need is in LA. I am in Ohio. Not good. The week prior to that, my computer printer______dead. Rechargable batteries that I use for the digital camera________dead. Apparently my mechanical and technological karma_______dead.

My apologies go out to all my faithful fans (that's my feeble attempt at a joke, as I only have about three readers and they are related to me) for not blogging recently. This week, life got in the way.

Hopefully, things will start falling into place and we'll get back on track. I've been working on some quick and easy recipes since I've had to cook in the mornings and take my supper to work. Also, I've got several new food related books to recommend along with some memoir type essays.

In the meantime, check out some of my great links. Thanks to everyone who has shuttled me around town this week and check back to the site in a day or two. Jen
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