The Swell Season

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The Swell Season has become my musical addiction. Not a day goes by without listening to them. It's sort of driving my husband nuts. It's on in the house...the car...everywhere. He's beginning to think that we have no other music in the house. Anyway, their new album (do they still call them albums?), Strict Joy, is out. I think it even tops the first album and the "Once" soundtrack.

Native Irishman, Glen Hasard (am I too old for a celebrity crush?) and the Czech-born Marketa Irglova make up the group and are accompanied by some of the worlds finest musicians. Be sure to check them out at

P.S. Thanks to Amy for getting me hooked.

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Heather said…
Oh, I do heart this pair! I saw them in concert in Tulsa. What a great show...
Jen said…
I am jealous. I missed them when they played here.

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