Morels - Part Two

After they soaked in a lightly salted water overnight, I drained and carefully rinsed them. I then placed them on a linen towel to dry.
I have found the best way to bring out the flavor is to lightly flower them. Be careful. They are delicate.
After flouring, they were placed in a pan with a butter/olive oil combo. The amount if crispness depends on your personal taste.

The finished product.

They just melt in your mouth. You get the earthy flavor of the mushroom brought out by the flour and butter. There is nothing like it. I know people have come up with all these fancy recipes for morels but I want to really taste the mushroom. We only get them for a couple of weeks a year so I prefer to enjoy them on their own.
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spiderleggreen said…
I had the opportunity to buy some at the local coop, but chickened out because the were $30+/lbs. Plus, I wasn't sure how to cook em.

Cool blog!
Shannon said…
Hi! Just wanted to pass along that Marilou Suszko will be cooking with morels and there will also be a segment on morel hunting on Our Ohio television this weekend. Should be a good show! I think you can catch it on Sunday (6/13) on WVIZ Channel 25 at 2:30 p.m.or WOSU Channel 34 at 9:30 a.m.

I really enjoyed your pictures and cooking instructions. Awesome blog!
Jen said…
Thanks for the info. I get both PBS channels so I can see it. I really enjoyed her book and am hoping to go to her cooking school one of these days.
Shannon said…
No problem! There is also an awesome event coming up on July 11 -- a "Field to Table" bus tour. Marilou will be on-board all day! I know you don't live in Columbus (where the tour originates), but this really does sound like a blast.

Unfortunately, I can't make it due to another event I am attending that day. Hopefully there will be another opportunity soon though...If you are interested, you can find more info here:

Have a great weekend and let me know if you go!

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