Mike And The Brioche Dough

Last night, I asked Mike to make the dough for a new Brioche recipe that I got from an Ina Garten cookbook. She claims that it’s really easy so I thought I would turn it over to Mike who does not bake and has never made bread in his life. I had to go to work and this dough must be refrigerated overnight so he got the job. He was not thrilled about this assignment but once I convinced him that the KitchenAid mixer was really just a power tool, it was game on. When I arrived home a few hours later, the kitchen was spotless… or so I thought. I discovered upon walking in barefoot, there were little bits of kosher salt all over the floor. (I wonder what happened in there when I was gone) Mike was sitting at the computer and this is what he wrote:

Let me advise you, never offer to make bread . That’s it . Trust me . Does anyone know the mess that can be made with four cups of flour and a tiny kitchen ? Okay, one has to admit that power tools were (mis) used, but still , this should not be the horrendous project that it became. Memo to guys, do the dishes, make the bed, wash the commode, put the seat down, give up the remote but never and I mean never volunteer to make the friggin bread. By the way, let’s not forget to hone the knife AWAY from the body. All seriousness aside, please be careful with sharp implements in the kitchen unless in-laws are present. I want to take a moment to thank Jen for allowing me to waste both her time and your patience. Right then, back to the stories from the idiot’s kitchen. My lovely bride has taught me an amazing cornucopia of wonderful recipes. Yeah , screw that. There is nothing wrong with searching for the best wiener in the world (Preferably with sauerkraut , and yes, I just said wiener ) Jen ‘s going to impart cooking knowledge that she’s gathered through her life and if luck is on my side you’ll read about my wacky adventures in the cooking place. If you can’t laugh at me you can at least laugh with me. Once more , allow me to pound this thought into my mind and maybe yours, DO NOT TRY TO MAKE BREAD.

I’m guessing from this little rant that my kitchen did not look all that great when this was going on and I bet there were a few choice words flying through the air.
Despite his frustration, the dough looked great when I peeked into the fridge so I’m sure it will be fine. We just took it out to rise and will bake it today so stay tuned and we will let you know.


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