How This All Started...

This all started because of the Julie/Julia Project. It's a fascinating book about Julie Powell's quest to Master the Art of French Cooking. I could not put this book down! All I could remember about Julia Child was the ridiculous parody of her performed by Dan Ackroyd on SNL. (I love the skit and I imagine that Julia did too.) Julie's book created an obsession for me. I have read biographies about Julia, got videos of her shows from the local library and learned so many things about fine tuning my cooking skills. I've learned that some (many) great meals take more than thirty minutes to prepare and they are worth it!! I've also learned why some things work in the kitchen and others don't. I remembered the great smells wafting out of my grandma's kitchen and I haven't left the kitchen yet.

While many of the tv cooking shows are great and I would much rather have people making thirty minute meals than driving through McDonalds, I would like people to know that great food is worth planning and working for. It doesn't require a lot of fancy gadgets and hard to find foods. A great meal is a little more than emptying a variety of canned goods together and heating them up. Hopefully by learning quick and simple meals, people will then feel challenged to try more complicated dishes.

Join us in our quest to rediscover the pleasures of food.


Sara said…
Cool, Jen! I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

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